Rockbridge Named #81 on CNBC's Top 100 Fee Only Wealth Mgmt Firms List

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Out of a universe of financial advisors, how do you know when you’ve found one who can really help you? A few essential qualities set us apart.

Fiduciary. As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are legally obligated to always act as your fiduciary, i.e., strictly in your best interests. Not so with others such as insurance companies or broker/dealers.

Fee-only. Our compensation comes strictly through transparent, fully disclosed fees; we refuse any commissions or other third-party incentives that may distract us from our focus on you.

Cost-effective. Besides clearly disclosing your all-in costs, it is both our desire and duty to recommend the lowest-cost solutions among those that best meet your goals. (Brokers and others offering non-fiduciary advice are not similarly obligated.)

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