Rockbridge Named #81 on CNBC's Top 100 Fee Only Wealth Mgmt Firms List

11 Common Questions:

Choosing A Fee-Only Investment Advisor

By now, we hope we’ve convinced you of the advantages of turning to a fee-only investment firm with Registered Investment Advisors for assistance in achieving your long-term financial goals. But even within this narrower scope, there are often multiple choices. How do you decide? Of course you’re likely to seek an advisor who is geographically convenient, offers services that are right-sized for your needs, and is a good fit in terms of personality and areas of expertise. For Rockbridge, you can visit Who We Are on our website, or simply give us a call to learn more.

Another key differentiator is the fee-only investment advisor’s recommended investment strategy. It helps to know that, despite the seemingly countless variations, there really are only two main investment styles:

By selecting a passive management advisor as your guide, you can better focus on your own plans instead of on the wild world around you.

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